What is Impact of Water Polo Exercises on Health?

Water polo is a great sport to practice not only for competitions but also due to its numerous health benefits. This great sport is originated in 17th-century India due to a result of an experiment practiced by the British army officers. It is now one of the Olympic sports.

However, there are considerable health and physical benefits of water polo practice on a regular basis. We are listing out top ones in the details mentioned below.

Benefits of water polo exercises!

Water sports have always benefitted their participants in different ways, starting from physical to mental health benefits. Water’ resistance makes the workout intense and helpful for achieving different benefits with its aerobic and anaerobic workout in the process.


Weight loss: the prominent role of regular swimming activity on your health in helping you to get in shape. In a practice session of one hour, participants can burn up to 700 calories and get a fit body.

Good for joints: swimming can become a great exercise for people suffering from joint issues. Water acts as a cushion to your joint and muscles, where it prevents the injuries as well as aches and helps you to maintain the fitness level easily.

Improves strength: it is a considerable choice for people to join water polo for improving the strength of the body.  Swimming involves whole-body movement, which helps in strengthening your complete body.

health and physical benefits

Increases flexibility: the flexibility of the body is an important factor, and swimming is amazingly helpful for it. You can increase the flexibility of the body with the regular practice of swimming or other water sports.

Great for cardiovascular health: if you want to maintain your cardiovascular health in a great way, it is better for you to choose for swimming. The practices of regular water polo exercises affect health in beneficiary ways.