Low Maintenance Short Haircuts For Fine Hair

Women often think when they don’t have thick hair they cannot try the variety of hairstyles but it is not the truth. Fine hair is the hair type that is very smooth and silky so that makes you style them easily and also helps you in having them in a healthy state. To help those people here are some of the best low maintenance short haircuts for fine hair.

Long blonde with a pixie

Then having very thin long hair you can go with the short pixie haircut, it is advisable to make a try of long blonde with a pixie. To have this short hairstyle you have to cut your hair and to add dimension to it you can color with any natural or highlighting blondes based on your wish.

short haircuts

Pixie with layers

Like having the layers in your long hair you can have those layers in a pixie haircut too, to style this pixie cut you can have sideburns to get an individuality touch.

Two-tone pixie

Women having with fine hair should volumize them to make them look great, here through having the two-tone pixie cut you can make them look thicker. It is one of the preferable low maintenance haircuts.

Balayage bob with swoopy layers

Always thin hair looks a little thicker when you add the layers to it, so you can make use of it by having the bob with swoopy layers. To add charms to it you can color them.


In case you are looking for low maintenance haircut there comes the undercut which makes you feel comfortable and also very easy to manage them. If you want you can color them.

Sliced haircut

To get a solution for the flat and dull looks you can have a sliced pixie haircut, to add additional volume to your hair you can have a side part.

short haircuts

Tapered haircut

Tapered pixie haircut with blonde ads volume to your fine hair and if you prefer you can have the layers with this haircut.

Wispy layers cut

Through incorporating the wispy layers to the pixie cut gives you a noticeable texture to your fine hair. To make them look great you can have caramel highlights.

Straight bob

Having the straight bob cut makes you look stylish and the layers or color both with this haircut adds thickness to the fine hair. To boost the thickness better you can have y-layers.

Wavy bob cut

If you are wave lovers then wavy bobs with tendrils can give you a stunning look in your casual costumes.

Final thoughts

In the above content, some of the fine hair short haircut ideas are mentioned before having the fine haircut look into them to pick the right one.